Our clients

Client: Ignition group, US
Service: Web data extraction

We extract dental and physician providers’ data from dozens of web sites and deliver them to the client all over the year. Our extractors usually perform searches for providers and extract providers from all result pages.

Our QA methodology provides clear and accurate extracted data. We have developed sophisticated technics against antibot systems.

Client: Staples, Westfields, UK
Service: Web data extraction

We provide extracted data about products with accurate prices from competitors’ sites.

Client: Health Salad Systems, Barcelona, Spain
Service: PHP development
Technology: PHP, JQuery, HTML, CSS, mysql

We provide PHP, JS, HTML, CSS, mysql development service.

Client: Investor Wand, Inc, US
Service: PHPCake development
Technology: PHPCake, JQuery, HTML, CSS,mysql

We provide PHPCake, JS, HTML, CSS, mysql development service. We are developing custom tools for stress testing the web site. The web site needs to serve thousands of clients and our stress test tool has found all weak points that need to be improved.

Client: FitnessIS, Belgrade, Serbia
Service: .net development
Technology: .net,c#, Crystal Reports, SQL Server

More than 10 years we have been providing .net development for FitnessIS and we have developed a very complex information system for Fitness, Spa, Wellness and other sport clubs.